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Treatment with Botox effect

Non-surgical alternative for the treatment of deep wrinkles, without traumatising injections. Effects similar to those of the botulinum toxin are obtained, without any pain or risks!
The effect of injections, without any risks

After 25 years, facial contractions leave their mark on the skin and the tissues lose elasticity over time, the skin is no longer able to relax and small furrows form, which deepen and end up permanently imprinted on your skin. To meet the expectations of many customers who want to treat their wrinkles more safely, Ericson laboratories have developed BOTU VIP, a line that includes a combination of ultra-powerful active ingredients, derived from the most recent scientific discoveries: FILLOX® e SYN-AKE®.

This treatment visibly reduces the appearance of skin creases, smoothes deep wrinkles, restructures the tissues and improves their elasticity. It relaxes lines and reduces the depth of the following wrinkles:

  • horizontal of the forehead
  • vertical inter-eyebrow
  • nasolabial folds
  • around the mouth
  • around the eyes
  • muscular cords of the neck

Relaxes expression lines with the revolutionary SYN-AKE and FILLOX agents.

A clinical study on forehead wrinkles has showed the effectiveness of SYN-AKE: after just 28 days of treatment, there was a up to a 52% reduction of wrinkles.

Results after one hour of application: the average length of wrinkles is reduced by 29%, the number of wrinkles by 27% and the appearance of wrinkles by 38%.

Active ingredients

FILLOX: a heptapeptide which reduces the force of muscle contractions in the same way as the botulinum toxin. It helps to perform in-depth work on wrinkles and receive immediately visible results. The filling balls are microspheres of hyaluronic acid, able to swell through cutaneous water absorption. Real sponges within the epidermis, the balls catch the water routinely eliminated and improve skin hydration. FILLOX thus allows expression lines to be smoothed, the relaxed face seems rejuvenated while retaining its natural expression and mobility.

SYN-AKE: a synthetic tripeptide derived from snake venom; clinical studies have shown that it is able to effectively reduce expression lines by inhibiting muscle contraction factors and neutralising the micro-contractions of the skin.

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