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Facial contour treatment

A lifting and slimming treatment to reshape the contours of the face that acts on two critical points: fatty areas and those with excessive roundness (such as cheeks and double chin) are drained and streamlined, while the tissues are toned.
Morpho lifting for a new face effect

Treatment which through a real process of tissue regeneration, not only allows the texture of the skin to improve, but also reduces wrinkles and counteracts the loss of elasticity. This is one of the themes of current scientific research whose studies have made it possible to identify and stimulate "growth factors". We are particularly interested in the growth factor that exerts the most important skin functions: cell multiplication, wound healing and collagen production.

Thanks to a new non-surgical treatment we will completely restructure the oval of the face by associating two antagonistic effects:

  1. the MASK AND MORPHO FILL SERUM duo exerts an invigorating effect that allows depleted zones, as well as wrinkles, to be filled;
  2. the MASK AND MORPHO SLIM SERUM duo attacks the localised fat that can be found on the cheeks and neck and allows weighted areas to be redefined.

The oval of the face quickly and visibly regains the desired shapes. Moreover, thanks to the lipolytic effectiveness of the CORALINE that attacks the subcutaneous adipose areas, we have a reconstructive and firming effect. This active ingredient effects the collagen fibres and the skin looks noticeably softer more supple.

Active ingredients

LINEFACTOR: stimulates the synthesis and protection of FGF-2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor), the fundamental growth factor that possesses a broad spectrum of activities such as cellular renewal and the proliferation of fibroblasts.

HYALURONIC ACID: noted for its hygroscopic properties it has an effect of filling wrinkles and smoothing.

CORALLINA: a seaweed very rich in calcium from which an active ingredient which can promote the synthesis of collagen 1 in non-differentiated adipocytes was created. It was found that the calcium contained in coralline promotes the synthesis of collagen and acts as a regulator of the preadipocytes in mature adipocytes.

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