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"Anorectic" treatment of adipose cellulite

Real innovation in the field of slimming treatments, INSULINOL Cellulit-Diet counteracts the action of insulin, preventing glucose, the main food of the adipocyte, to penetrate into the cell and produce fat. The adipocyte is thus "put on a diet".
The diet for fat cells

We offer a contouring treatment capable of performing a targeted "appetite suppressant" effect on fat cells aimed at combating localised cellulite and roundness.

Insulin actually acts as a messenger in our bodies, ordering the adipocytes to absorb glucose to allow the production of energy. If the energy produced isn't used, the adipocyte stores it in the form of fat.


Excess cellulite often generates various types of problems. The complete treatment therefore allows:

  • the reduction of water retention and activation of drainage;
  • the strengthening of weakened micro capillaries;
  • the prevention and treatment of stretch marks;
  • the firming of relaxed tissues.
Active ingredients

Two powerful active ingredients which act on localised cellulite and to reduce the swelling in the apidocytes.

ADIPOSLIM: a lipoamino acid that can transform the fats freed released by lipolysis into ATP energy (the energy necessary for cell life).

ADIPOLESS:  extracted from Quinoa, Canadian herbaceous plant, known for its action against fat storage.

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