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Slimming treatment

Thanks to the release of endorphins, LIPO-STRESS combines the benefits of a relaxing massage and a slimming treatment. Allows you to not only feel good mentally, thanks to the release of relaxing molecules, but also in the body thanks to the powerful fat release that it produces.
Neuro-cellulite treatment

Stress is undoubtedly the evil of this century and it strongly alters our metabolism resulting in unwanted skin reactions: skin hypersensitivity, but sometimes, also nervous block, insufficient drainage that results in an accumulation of general or localised fat. The ERICSON laboratories have therefore developed a new neurocosmetic action to combat the harmful effects of stress deep within the skin: the stimulation of the endogenous production of cutaneous endorphins.


This dual action treatment, acting on two levels, superficial and deep, allows localised blocked, painful cellulite to be quickly relieved, but also the relaxation of stressed organisms subject to fat retention.

Studies have been conducted under dermatological supervision on women aged between 30 and 50. After the treatments, the women noted a clear slimming action:

  • 6 cm from the hips
  • 4 cm from the circumference of the abdomen
  • 3.5 cm from around the thighs
Active ingredients

BETAPHROLINE: active neurocosmetic ingredient of vegetable origin extracted from the Tephrosia purpurea, able to stimulate the release of beta-endorphins through keratinocytes.

GLUTRAPEPTIDE: active ingredient obtained through biotechnology that activates the innervation of adipose tissue and promotes lipolysis by acting on the length of the nerve fibres.

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