Poseidon / Giardini Poseidon Terme - Ischia

2 are better than 1!!!

From 15 April 2017

Our "2 full day" package has been renewed today with an even more convenient deal.

Category: Park notices

Choose to spend two days in the island of Ischia's biggest thermal park is now even more convenient: with the "2 full day" package, the second day will cost you just € 27!

Also remember that:

  • with pre-sale you'll skip the queues at the ticket office;
  • the days do not have to be consecutive and can be used until 31 October;
  • with our entry pass-bracelet you can head straight to the turnstiles without having to go to the ticket office.

Also, discover the convenience of our multi-day passes by calculating the formula that best suits your needs with the special tool on the Hours and Rates page of our website.
For further information or to contact us: info@giardiniposeidonterme.com or + 39 081 908 71 11/83/84.