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Poseidon / Giardini Poseidon Terme - Ischia

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Specific slimming for “over-age” women

Beauty treatment that caters for "mature" women, eager to take care of themselves fully and to better deal with the various problems that arise with the passing of a certain age threshold.
Balancing anti-aging treatments, remodels the figure

With age, fat burning naturally decreases and this phenomenon is further accentuated by the changes that occur in the hormonal system over time. Hormonal imbalance is very often the cause of a weight gain. So it is important to regulate the skin's hormonal balance.

  • deeper and more focused slimming action, with a reduction in orange peel skin, oedema and cellulite;
  • hormone-regulating effect;
  • flat stomach effect;
  • decongestant effect on heavy legs.
Active ingredients

PHEOSLIM: brown seaweed extract (Phyllacantha) stimulates the breakdown of triglycerides in mature women, slimming the waist.

ARGILLA + MENTOLO: the first has an absorbing power on localised oedemas, drawing water and toxins out of the body; with the addition of menthol it has a decongestant and soothing effect that promotes drainage and blood circulation.

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