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Poseidon / Therme Poseidon-Gärten - Ischia

Ischia Capital of the New Medicine

Vom 3. bis 5. Juni 2022

First national conference of Medicine with Love.

We are glad to host the first National meeting of Medicine with Love, an idea born from the needs of a medical class, enlightened by the collaboration with other professionists that deal with health and well-being on 360 degrees.

“We believe that to talk about health today it is necessary to make use of the best strategies and visions available in the scientific, cultural and olistic medical landscape, because the emerging problems and those we have been dealing with in the past few years have a multi-factorial etiology and the medical science can only offer a small part of the support necessary to solve them.
For this reason we need a large and sensitive glance, capable of catching the causal interactions as well as the resolutive ones that are outlined in the confluence between social, personal, environmental, cultural, medical and spiritual factors.
In other words, we need an honest collaboration between the various disciplines, which would facilitate the deconstruction of unhealthy habits, such as the habit to treat every situation with medicines, even at the cost of making the diseases cronical.
The principal themes of this first convention are birth, vital eating and the necessary relations and tecniques to improve the well-being, in a simple and logic path that sees nutrition (food, love, relation, daily activities) as the main source of well-being and the attention to nutrition as the key to a long-lasting health with solid grounds”.

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