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Poseidon / Therme Poseidon-Gärten - Ischia


Summer 2021

We have adopted all the safety measures recommended by the health authorities at our facility.

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Once again, we are working to make the 2021 season at Giardini Poseidon Terme safe, pleasant, and comfortable for our guests. For this reason, based on our experience last year, we have decided to adopt a safety protocol that all staff will share in, guaranteeing hours of worry-free relaxation in maximum safety, tranquility, and serenity. The safe reception protocol that we have adopted is based on the 3 main rules designed to combat Coronavirus:

1. compliance with social distancing measures
2. use of personal protective equipment
3. sanitizing of all common areas and equipment.


Here are the most important measures that we have applied:



- We strictly adhere to all the health and safety regulations in place.

- All surfaces, including sun beds and common areas, are disinfected daily using sanitizing treatments.

- Sanitizing gel is available in different areas in the park and bathing area. 

- All the facility’s staff have been vaccinated, as well as having been trained and informed regarding the provisions outlined in our protocol and will use the necessary equipment. 

- We trust that our guests will exercise common sense with respect to maintaining the correct distance between people and complying with all the precautions indicated in the various information panels placed inside the park.



- Guests may have their temperatures measured before at reception. Those with temperatures above 37.5° will not be allowed to enter the premises.

- There are no entry restrictions other than those provided by the health authorities in terms of medical or vaccination certificates and Covid tests.

- Reservations are only required for exclusive passes with a reserved seat in the park and for umbrellas inside the external bathing area.

- All guests are required to register upon arrival by filling out the required Guest form to help with contact tracing.



- The water in the thermal pools is constantly renewed and checked through microbiological analyzes.

- The water in other pools is continuously monitored to ensure chlorine and pH values comply with the regulations in place and that they are safe for our guests.

- The staff will continue to check the crowd density in the pool and that guests are complying the with the minimum distance of 2 meters from the other bathers.

- We trust in that our guests will act in common sense regarding the respect of the appropriate distances between themselves and others, as well as all the precautions indicated in the various information panels placed at each pool.

- Access to the Natural Sauna (Turkish Bath) remains prohibited until new government regulations dictate otherwise.



- Guests and operators are required to always wear masks in the waiting areas, as well as when a distance of at least 1 meter cannot be maintained. For treatments that require a close distance, operators will wear, in addition to their masks, a protective visor.

 - Traditional cleaning methods will be accompanied by the special sanitization of each surface with hydrogen peroxide, which does not give off toxic vapors and unpleasant odors. There is also a continual circulation of air.

- The washing and disinfection of our linen is certified.

- Steam treatments remain prohibited until new regulatory guidelines specify otherwise.



Inside the park, the space between umbrellas and other equipment is respected in accordance with the provisions outlined by the law, as well as spaces designed to avoid overcrowding both indoors and outdoors. In the event of adverse weather, guests will be invited to follow the exit routes on site without causing crowds in the indoor areas, especially the indoor pool area.



The beach area has been appropriately set up following all the regulations for both park and external bathing customers. This includes sanitizing gel, umbrellas set up at the right distances, a ban on group games, and personnel dedicated to ensuring that measures are properly respected.



- Service will be provided in assisted self-service mode and will be organized in such a way as to ensure adequate spacing.

 - Each dish will be served at the counter by our staff, while always ensuring that our dishes maintain the highest quality.

- Tables and other contact surfaces will be properly sanitized each time guests are changed.



A doctor is available on site for anyone who wishes or needs a medical consultation or assistance.


All that is left to do is relax and enjoy your stay day at Poseidon!

Download the Poseidon Care protocol (EN)Download the customer form (IT)