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Poseidon / Giardini Poseidon Terme - Ischia


Special eye contour treatment

Eye contour treatment for the most fragile areas of the face. Combats wrinkles, bags and dark circles.
Specificity of the eye contour

The eye contour stands out from the rest of the face for the fact that the skin has a much reduced thickness: its skin has a thickness of 0.04 mm compared to 1 mm for the face, so it's the most fragile area of the face. The eye contour has multiple aggressors such as heavy makeup, intense light rays (neon lights, computer screens).

In addition, the eye reacts to fatigue very quickly which affects the skin, allowing dark circles and bags to appear. The eye contour must then be treated continuously and carefully. To this end, the ERICSON laboratories have developed BIOPTIC with specific products that will be suitable for the most sensitive eyes while helping to deal with any problems that have already appeared.


Erases all traces of tiredness by returning freshness and radiance to the eye. It helps to straighten out lines and wrinkles, making the skin smooth almost instantly.

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