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Poseidon / Giardini Poseidon Terme - Ischia


On the park

On the park

  • Can food or drink be brought in from outside?

    No outside food and drinks, except light snacks and fruit, may be brought into the park. Of course, all the rules that prohibit eating by the poolside and leaving litter around still apply. 
    You can also exit and re-enter the park before closing time.
    All kinds of dishes can be found in the Park's three dining areas; sandwiches, appetisers and cold meats, salads, snacks, ice creams, cocktails, drinks, etc.

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  • What do I need to bring?

    Everything you need for swimming (swimsuits, towel, sarong or bathrobe depending on the climate, slippers).
    Swim caps must be worn for swimming in the pools and can be bought from the shop inside the park.
    Hats or bandanas can also be used instead of swim caps, it is important that the head is adequately covered.
    Beach towels (€ 4.00 + € 6.00 deposit) and bathrobes (€ 7.00 + € 25.00 deposit) can be rented inside the park.
    As well as the swim caps that are available in our Boutique (cost of cotton swim cap € 2.50), sun cream, shampoo and shower gel, newspapers, books and cigarettes can also be purchased.

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  • Is there an entrance ticket for those only wanting to take advantage of treatments in the Wellness Centre or the beach?

    An entrance ticket to the Poseidon Thermal Gardens must be purchased to access treatments in the Wellness Centre or to the beach inside the park.
    Those who just want to spend a day at the beach have the option of buying a ticket for the adjacent Poseidon Beach resort from the tills, usually open from mid-June to mid-September.

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  • Can children enter?

    Yes, but for those under the age of 12 only the beaches and three sea water pools (Olympia, Tortuga and Medusa) are reserved for their use. They are not permitted in the spa area, not even for walking. They can of course access the three restaurants.
    The prices for children are as follows: 0-3 free, 4-11 discount of 50% off the adult price.

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  • Are reservations required?

    No reservation is required for entry to the park, given the large capacity of the park and the possibility to freely choose where to position yourself. However, during weekends and holidays it is advisable that you arrive at the park as early as possible in order to have more choice.
    Available spots are reported in real time on the site with a special counter.
    Those who would like to choose and reserve their favourite spot in the park or on the beach can do so in advance online by accessing the link https://www.giardiniposeidonterme.info/
    In the event no more places are available, the Management reserves the right to close the ticket office.

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  • What is included in the entrance ticket?

    The ticket includes the use of all pools, the Bagno Giapponese, the sauna, the beach, beach umbrellas, deckchairs and loungers, showers, changing rooms, etc.
    Exclusions: meals and drink, as well as the cosmetic treatments, physiotherapy, inhalations and massages which can be purchased at the Wellness Centre.  
    The entrance ticket does not include the provision of swimwear or slippers - which can be purchased in the boutique inside the park - or beach towels, bathrobes, which can be rented from the entrance to the park.

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  • Can balls or racquets be played with inside the park?

    The use of balls or racquets is prohibited inside the park and on the beach. Likewise, playing sports or games of any kind that may disturb other customers is prohibited.

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  • Is there a luggage storage?

    No. You can rent a private cabin at a cost of € 10.00 daily (plus a € 5.00 cash deposit). Or you can use lockers (whose capacity is that of a hand luggage) and lockable storage boxes free of charge using the electronic wristband supplied with your ticket.

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  • Is it possible to stay at the Poseidon Thermal Gardens overnight?

    The Poseidon Thermal Gardens do not provide overnight accommodation services or have any agreements in place with hotels. However, a short distance from the park, in the Bay of Citara, there are numerous accommodation facilities, from which the park can easily be reached by foot.

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  • Can I pay by debit or credit card?

    All major debit and credit cards are accepted at the Cash register at the entrance of the park, in the restaurants,  Wellness Centre and Boutique, except DINERS cards.

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  • Can admission or treatments at the Poseidon Gardens be given as a gift?

    Yes, simply CLICK on the GIVE A GIFT tab on the top left of the menu on all pages of the website and follow a few simple instructions.

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  • Are massages and car parking included in the entrance ticket?

    Massages, medical and physiotherapeutic therapies and beauty treatments are not included in the price of admissions to the Poseidon Thermal Gardens. These services are booked and carried out in the Wellness Centre located in the heart of the park and their prices vary depending on the treatment.
    An unguarded car park is reserved for the cars and motorcycles of the park's customers for an additional fee. The daily rate for cars is € 6.00 and for motorcycles and mopeds is € 4.00.

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  • Can animals enter?

    No animals, even if small, are allowed inside the park or on the beach.

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  • Can tickets to the park be bought online?

    Online (https://www.giardiniposeidonterme.info/index.php?lang=en) you can purchase both daily admissions and passes for several consecutive days using the Exclusive formula. This formula lets you choose and reserve your favourite spots online.

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  • Can naturism be practiced inside the park?

    Naturism cannot be practiced inside the park. Topless sunbathing is only permitted on the beach.

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  • Are towels and bathrobes included?

    No. They can be rented inside the park.

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  • Are there indoor facilities to shelter in if it rains?

    There is a covered area of over 500 mq in the park, which includes a the ASKLEPIO thermal pool (30°), the ARMONIA whirlpool thermal pool (32°), the EFESTO Kneipp bath as well as the HEALTH AND WELLNESS CENTRE. There are also covered areas in the park's 3 eateries.

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  • Why do tickets from the ticket office cost € 5.00 more than the price listed on the site?

    The € 5.00 charge is a further amount required as a security deposit, when the ticket is issued on a keyband device (electronic bracelet). This amount will be refunded by the ticket office when leaving the park, upon return of the device in the same condition in which the customer received it.

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  • Why are children under 12 not allowed in the thermal zone? Is it for health reasons?

    One of our objectives is to make the park a haven of peace and quiet to get away from the stress and hectic pace of citizens and where you can regenerate thanks to the therapeutic properties of the thermal waters. This is why we have chosen to reserve a large area with three pools of slightly heated sea water and all the park's beached to children under 12. 
    This choice will also take into account that the high temperatures and the therapeutic effects of the thermal water have a significant impact on the cardiovascular system of a developing body.

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  • Where can I find information on the prices of the Poseidon Thermal Gardens and where can I buy tickets?

    The current prices for the various types of tickets and the park opening and closing times can be found in the "Hours and rates" section.
    Entrance tickets to the Poseidon Thermal Gardens can be purchased directly from the ticket booth at the entrance, even in advance, every day from 09.00 to 19.00. Online purchases are not currently available.
    Gift vouchers can be purchased via bank transfer by following the instructions on the "Give a gift" page.

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  • Can seats or tickets for the Poseidon Thermal Gardens be reserved?

    Booking or reserving tickets or spaces on the beach and/or inside the park is not possible, unless you are renting a VIP terrace or buying a pass that makes use of the Exclusive formula.

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  • How can I avoid queues at the tills of the Poseidon Thermal Gardens?

    By purchasing a subscription or an advance ticket – both at the ticket counter and online with the Exclusive formula - you can go directly to the turnstiles of the park entrance, avoiding the queues that can form at the tills, particularly during weekends and holidays. Purchasing an advance ticket is not a guarantee of availability if the park is already at full capacity.

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  • Is it possible to buy a Holiday package that includes tickets to the Poseidon Thermal Gardens, accommodation and transport?

    Holiday packages which include park admission, accommodation and transport can be purchased from some of our tour operator partners. For further information and contact details email info@giardiniposeidonterme.com

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  • Is smoking allowed?

    Smoking is not permitted in the entire spa area, indoors and in the swimming pools. On the beach and in the restaurants smoking is allowed only where there are special ashtrays.

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On the waters

  • Are there any limitations for pregnant women?

    Spa treatments are not recommended for women in the first trimester of pregnancy. After the first trimester, in the case of pregnancies with no complications, thermal baths of short duration and average temperature (e.g. from 28°C-36°C) are possible. The natural sauna and Jacuzzi are not recommended.
    In any case, a short medical consultation is recommended to assess the individual situation.

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  • What is the chemical composition of the Poseidon Gardens thermal waters?

    The thermal springs of this thermal complex are of volcanic origin, are hyperthermal (>40°C) and due to their rich mineral content belong to the saline-bromine-iodine and saline-chloride-sulphate-alkaline water groups with traces of other minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, etc.

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  • What are the therapeutic effects of the Poseidon Gardens' thermal waters?

    The Poseidon Gardens' thermal springs have a highly curative potential, specifically for osteo-articular diseases, muscular-tendon diseases (such as osteoarthritis, slipped discs etc), chronic rheumatic diseases or respiratory disorders.
    They also have a beneficial effect on chronic dermatological and gynaecological problems and generally encourage the regeneration of the whole body with an anti-stress and anti-aging effect.

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On medical therapies

  • Is the doctor's appointment compulsory?

    The doctor's appointment isn't compulsory, but it's highly recommended for those suffering from diseases or disorders. In order to gain the most benefit, a doctor's visit is recommended before starting a period of treatment to ask them to indicate an individual plan for the spa route and any massage-physiotherapy treatments.

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  • Are your treatments affiliated with the National Health Service?

    No. The Poseidon Thermal Gardens are not affiliated with the National Health Service or with insurance companies for additional health services. In any case, certificates of care are issued upon the request of the parties concerned for purposes authorised by law.

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