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Poseidon / Giardini Poseidon Terme - Ischia


Specific remodeling for microcirculation

This treatment aims to produce a THREE-DIMENSIONAL slimming remodelling of the leg with the aim of reconstructing its original morphology without resorting to cosmetic surgery. This method, the only one of its kind, is called FITNESS REMODELLING by our specialists.
Less painful than liposuction, more effective than pressotherapy

Over time, our natural biological balance is altered and this changes affect various metabolisms. The body loses tone, firmness, the hypertrophic tissues relax, our body structure gets heavier, deformed. This treatment is aimed at people who simultaneously suffer from localised cellulite, the phenomenon of heavy legs which visibly manifests itself with swelling, painful sensations, marked disorders.


True to its therapeutic approach oriented towards non-surgical medical aesthetics, this comprehensive treatment allows the 3 major parameters of excess weight and vascular deficiency to be worked on:

  • fat detoxification;
  • venous drainage;
  • anti-water retention.

The effects are felt quickly: relief, reduction of swelling in the legs, drainage, reduction of cellulite and orange peel skin.

Active ingredients

SCULPTOSENEĀ®: product derived from a microalgae culture, Sahel scendesmus combined with arginine fellulite; has a lipolytic and draining effect and limits the expansion of adipose tissue.

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