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Poseidon / Giardini Poseidon Terme - Ischia


Intense hydrating treatment

Intense hydrating and nourishing treatment. Concentrated innovation that works on the skin's natural hydration mechanisms.

Water, a vital element for any organism, is an essential component of the skin. A powerful water tank, the content of which is located higher in the dermis, the skin has a stratum corneum that is not, however, very hydrated naturally. Protected by a lipid bilayer, the latter performs two functions: it retains the water rising from the dermis towards the surface of the skin and traps it. It is this layer that suffers the consequences of dehydration. In this way, skin loses its elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles occurs.

This treatment is rich in smart hydrolipids, capable of capturing the molecules of water available in the environment, storing them and then sharing them with the skin when it gets dry.

  • Diffuses durable moisture by reproducing the skin PATCH effect.
  • Facilitates the epidermic reconstruction of damaged skin. 
  • Promotes the various mechanisms involved in the spread of cutaneous water.
Active ingredients

LIPIDURE: restores the integrity of the epidermis due to its hygroscopic nature (ability to retain water).

AQUAPHYLINE: helps the skin to draw the water it needs from its reserves by ensuring the circulation of water between cells.

SKIN REPAIR BIO: allows the skin repair processes to be stimulated after serious injury such as skin that's ruined, damaged or burned by the sun.

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