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Poseidon / Giardini Poseidon Terme - Ischia


High performance wrinkles reducer

Thanks to the effect of the hyaluronic acid, wrinkles and expression lines are reduced, resulting in a visible rejuvenation of the facial features.

The Ericson research service now offers a high performance anti-wrinkle treatment that combines three active ingredients. An antioxidant agent, a synaptic agent and, indeed, hyaluronic acid.

Active ingredients

IMUDILIN and SNAP-8: stimulates the skin's immune cells and relaxes skin contraction, smoothing wrinkles.

OSILIFT and SEPILIFT: film-forming, tightening and immediate effect. Increases collagen and volumizes.

DEXTROSE and MAGNESIUM SALTS: moisturizing and hygroscopic effect and natural emollients.

ALGINATE: soothing and emollient.

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