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Poseidon / Giardini Poseidon Terme - Ischia

The new 36° Arethusa thermal pool

From 15 April 2017

A new spa pool with precious mosaic walls, whirlpools and cervical waterfall.

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Which myth, better than Arethusa, the nymph the river Alpheus fell so deeply in love with he flowed through the sea to reach her, can tell of a place where enchanting scenery married the beauty of nature and man's architecture?

And it is the piscina Arethusa, new for the 2017 season, which gives a fresh look and feel to the park, in order to always offer the best to our customers.

The work consisted of moving the existing 36° Arethusa from one terrace to another one at a higher altitude. The design of the new 36° Piscina Arethusa has a sinuous, harmonious front, with a geometric alignment of three intersecting circles. Moreover, the new location, particulary happy, opening up the line of sight so the breathtaking views can be taken in.

The new Arethusa was build using Hydrotech type tiles (a system which reduces the bacterial load using light) combined with glass mosaic, while the long cervical waterfall is made using blocks of shaped Peperino marble stone. It also has 2 semi-circular side benches perforated with holes through which the air driven by the pumps flows resulting in a healthy whirlpool for the whole body. The end result is organically integrated into the complex system of terraces, perfectly camouflaged in its environment, thanks to its sinuous shape and the materials used for coating the surfaces.

Come and try it out as soon as possible, we're waiting for you!

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