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Poseidon / Giardini Poseidon Terme - Ischia

Pilates classes on the beach

From 14 July 2017

Create a harmonious body by improving your posture and balance. Every Friday at 17 (suspended from 7 to 31 August).

Pilates aims to strengthen the body, shape it, correct posture and improve the fluidity and precision of movements. The method aims to achieve these goals through breathing and a series of slow and controlled exercises, while maintaining a high level of concentration while making the movements.

The class will take place every Friday at 17 (suspended from 7 to 31 August) on the beach: the price will be € 10 per person. Reservation required.

You can also book individual 40 minute classes: price € 50.

Or discover "aquapilates" in the pool: trial lesson (free and without reservation) every Wednesday at 17:00.

To buy tickets and book individual treatments visit the secretary of the "Health and Wellness Centre".