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Poseidon / Giardini Poseidon Terme - Ischia


21-27 June 2015

IV edition of P.R.A.M Premio Restauro per le Architetture Mediterranee. Awards ceremony and projects exhibition.

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Fourth Edition of the International Prize for "Restoration of Mediterranean Architecture" which will be held on the island of Ischia as part of the "Torri in festa" event. The show will include a series of events that will take place over a week within the monumental Watchtowers which were erected in the late 1400s and that, after over 500 years, still stand strong in the maze of alleyways of the beautiful historical centre of the charming town of Forio. An extraordinary defensive system that still has over 12 towers intact, some circular, others square, all of them private except for Torrione, the largest, home to a small Museum that houses temporary exhibitions and the Museo Maltese, a small gem of a museum with a permanent exhibition of drawings and sculptures by a well-known Forian artist in the '800s, who lived and worked in this area until his death.

The objective of the event is the protection, restoration and enhancement for possible public use of these unique testimonies, proposing the inclusion of the Torri as a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Italian list.

As is the tradition, the event concludes on June 27 with an invitational Gala at the Poseidon Gardens with the awards ceremony and the exhibition of all the projects competing in the PRAM International Prize for Restoration of Architecture. The theme of the competition for the year 2015 is "The improvement and enhancement of urban sites and the landscapes of Neapolitan coastal areas". Restoration projects of historic buildings and landscapes, as well as contemporary architecture projects in the territories of the Gulf of Naples, Pozzuoli, including the Phlegraean Fields, the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida, aimed at the enhancement of cultural resources and the quality of the environment.

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